World Exclusive Interview! Antonio Banderas Tried To Bed Me!

World Exclusive Interview! Antonio Banderas Tried To Bed Me! thumbnail

Serial flirt Antonio Banderas tried to seduce a sexy Brazilian woman at his Los Angeles home – boasting to her about wild sex parties the actor would hold at his Spanish-style villa.

In a blockbuster exclusive interview sure to add to Melanie Griffith’s heartbreak, the woman has come forward to The National ENQUIRER to claim how Banderas tried to bed her under Melanie’s nose.

Antonio’s sexy target, who has asked not to be identified for fear of recriminations, says she was hit on by the Spanish actor during a party at the star’s 15,000-square-foot Hancock Park home.

“Antonio is very charming, sexy, friendly and welcoming. We met at the terrace that wraps around the inside of his villa, overlooking his nice-size swimming pool,” the woman told The ENQUIRER. “We talked about his homeland Spain, and he was telling me about the very valuable paintings he had purchased, hanging on the walls.

“It was an intimate conversation. It was obvious he was flirting with me and it was clear he was trying to impress me. “The conversation got hot when he started telling me how he hosts sex parties at his house.

“Describing the scene, he told me, ‘When the sun comes up I would see naked women around the pool and the empty Cristal Champagne bottles around the pool.”

These stinging revelations are bound to hurt and infuriate the long-suffering “Working Girl” star. Melanie filed for divorce June 6, just days after The ENQUIRER ran photos of Antonio embracing a sexy dinner date on the French Riviera while Melanie was thousands of miles away in L.A.

An insider has told The ENQUIRER that Melanie’s friends suspect Antonio has romped with more than a DOZEN women behind his wife’s back.

“I feel sorry for Melanie,” said the Brazilian woman targeted by Antonio.

She says nothing came of the skirt-chaser’s advances, but adds: “For so many years he has been a ‘bad boy.’ “I would not have been the first one he would have invited to one of those sex parties – and to do that in his house under Melanie’s nose is just so, so wrong.”

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