Lock up your daughters!  Creepy and FAT double murder acquitee  OJ SIMPSON ready to walk and juice up his groupies’ love life, The ENQUIRER has learned.  

Yet when O.J. ap­peared in a Las Vegas courtroom seeking a new trial on May 13, people were in for a BIG surprise!

It was the first time he’d been seen in public in four years, and the once dashing pro football star’s body is now horribly bloated, his thinning hair has gone mostly gray and he can barely walk due to his chroni­cally bad knees.

“He looked exhausted, his skin is blotchy and he’s heavy – he’s push­ing 300 pounds,” said an eyewitness.

Yet  “The Juice” claims he remains a hit with the ladies.

“I’m fat and ugly, but women still love me,” O.J. boasts, according to a source at Nevada’s Lovelock Cor­rectional Center, where he’s been serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping.

AND those lovelorn women made his life behind bars a bit easier to stomach, lavishing him with so much cash the source says he spent a whopping $3,000 a month at the prison commissary.

“Twisted female groupies sent him thousands of dollars a month so he could live like a king behind bars,” said the source. “When O.J. went to the commissary to pick up his order of junk food, it took THREE inmates to help him carry the load back to his cell,” the source continued.

“These same women also wrote him love letters and told him he can stay with them when he gets out of prison. Some even sent him panties  few of which made it through the screening process.”

In jail, Simpson also had his own television, tons of books and his cell was a popular hangout for oth­er prisoners, some of whom would stop by to borrow books.

“One book he liked to lend out is by James Patterson and has a chap­ter about a character killing his wife,” said the source. “The author even signed it for O.J.”

But not every prisoner liked O.J., which is why he enlisted the help of an inmate nicknamed “Smoke.”

“Smoke is one mean dude and is built like a brick wall,” said the source. “So if you wanted to hurt O.J., you thought twice about it.”

Problem is, O.J. has done a lot of damage to himself, as his weight gain and refusal to exercise have been wreaking havoc on his health, notes the source.

“He’s been told he’s a walking time bomb because he has heart disease, which could cause him to have a heart at­tack,” explained the source. “That’s why he’s so anxious to win his freedom. He knows he has se­vere heart prob­lems and wants to get out of jail so he can live the rest of his life as a free man with his family.”

Ironically, the only member of his family to show up at the begin­ning of his court hearing was Ar­nelle, who he’s accused of frittering away his money while he’s been behind bars. The 44-year-old is his daughter with his first wife and was slated to testify. O.J., 65, is hoping to get out of jail on bail pending a new trial. He claims his former attorney, Yale Galanter, botched his defense at his 2008 trial.

If O.J. does get re­leased, he plans to take advantage of his popularity among his female admirers.

The source added: “O.J. wants to go on tour and it’ll be ‘girls, girls, girls’ – so long as the heart dis­ease doesn’t kill him first.”