The ENQUIRER made history in 2007 when we ripped the lid off JOHN EDWARDS’ shameless affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter during the love rat’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

And we did it again by revealing that the former senator – then married to dying wife Elizabeth — had a love child with his mistress that he desperately tried to cover up.

Now, it appears that the vain politician has undergone plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to maintain his boyish good looks. Three renowned experts in the field have examined photos of Edwards and share their opinions on exactly what type of work they believe he had done and the cost.

Edwards has always been obsessed with his appearance, making headlines during the 2004 presidential race for paying a Beverly Hills stylist a whopping $1,250 for a haircut.

And there’s a good reason for his most recent attempt to beat Father Time. In a blockbuster world exclusive, The ENQUIRER reveals the cheater’s most recent love interest, a sexy single mom who’s barely half his age.

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