Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman

LYNDA CARTER’s startling admission that  she created the “real” Wonder Woman.

In an exclusive video interview with RadarOnline.com, Lynda Carter revealed how she shaped the character Wonder Woman, and how the Amazon super-hero remains part of her life.

"It's so much a part of who I am and I think I put my self into Wonder Woman. I really created the living, breathing Wonder Woman," Lynda revealed.

"Wonder Woman is such an integral part of my life.

"Everything shapes your life and I think Wonder Woman has had a big impact on my life… that show took me out of obscurity and into the minds of the people and the character was a great character to portray so I never tried to distance myself from her."

As The Enquirer reported previously the character of Wonder Woman was created by  for DC Comics by William Marston Moulton who also  invented the lie detector test in 1941.

Launched via cathode ray tube in the 1970s, Lynda’s WW was an immediate sensation – a role model for the girls and for boys, the first stirring in many a pubescent loin.  

Now, in Los Angeles performing a concert, Lynda has come a long way since starring in the Wonder Woman TV.

She's been married for 27 years, has two children, and is touring the country performing songs from her fourth album "Crazy Little Things".

And as The ENQUIRER reported she beat her long battle with the bottle and has been happily sober for years.

"Being a role model I think are shoes too big for anyone to fill. I couldn't go about my life thinking of myself as a role model because I'm flawed.

“I think Wonder Woman herself what she lacks is a family life and friends who she shares her life with and it's all hidden and that's what I don't do in real life."

Lynda has been singing since she was 14, and said that she and her band do classic songs "in a very, very different way."

Lynda's new LP drops April 26 – WW's Lasso of Truth is not included.