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After a bout with crack-induced emphysema (according to pop), Amy Winehouse went ballistic at the Glastonbury music fest.

After taking the stage, she leaped into the pit and scuffled with a concertgoer.

It is unclear as to what sparked this Wino Psycho incident but reports say the fan tried to inappropriately grope the emaciated songstress. 

Maybe she wanted to ape the Tim McGraw video brawl?

After security did their thing, Wino then got back onstage, wowing a crowd of 80,000 as she warbled for an hour.

Last week she shocked fans by actually being coherent and singing pretty darn good at a 90th birthday bash for Nelson Mandela.

Wino had just been hospitalized after collapsing. Her dad said she was suffering from way too much indulgence in crack cocaine and cigarettes.

The singer’s flack insists she’s only been diagnosed with pre- emphysema.