Willie & Korie: Ducks Amuck?!

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Duck Dynasty players WILLIE & KORIE ROBERSTON to fly in separate directions?

FEATHERS are flying in the “Duck Dynasty” nest as series stars Willie and Korie Robertson appear headed in different directions.

“It looks like big trouble is brewing in their marriage,” disclosed a source close to the couple, who’ve been married for 22 years. Although there is no indication that divorce is imminent, a split would put their $30 million fortune at risk.

After five hit seasons on the air, the source says statuesque blonde Korie, 40, has been seduced by the bright lights of Hollywood and wants to move to Los Angeles where she can turn her four kids into stars.

But camo-clad Willie, 41, wants to stay in backwoods Louisiana and may want to kick off a career in politics, the source adds.

Korie has already spread her wings. She’s opened a posh boutique called Duck & Dressing in sleepy Monroe, La., and has plans for another branch in Beverly Hills.

“Korie told Willie that even if he is not willing to move, she would like to open a shop in Los Angeles, get an apartment and spend a lot of her time there,” disclosed the close source.

She’s also said to believe that her 16-year-old daughter Sadie will find it easier to expand her budding modeling career in Los Angeles.

But Willie has dug in his heels, convinced he needs his lovely wife and whole family with him for his political career to take flight.

Although Willie denied this summer that he planned to go into politics, “Willie got a taste of the big political arena when he attended the president’s recent State of the Union Address as a guest of Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister,” said the source.

In one tense moment, a reporter asked Willie if he’d like to run for Congress and, with McAllister standing nearby, he said: “I’d have to  run against him, so it’s an awkward conversation.”

But a source tells The  ENQUIRER that may be what  Willie has in mind!

Meanwhile, family members  are hoping for the best for  Korie and Willie. “They’re  worried that if Willie and Korie  split, it could mean the end for  ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ religious fan  base because a lot of them  consider divorce to be a sin,”  explained the source.

Willie and Korie, who have  their own fortunes and also  own a slice of the family’s  lucrative duck call business empire, would suddenly find  an estimated $30 million in  play if they land in divorce  court, according to an insider.

Although no one appears  to be talking divorce at this  point, “family members are  gathering around Willie and Korie, praying with them and  trying to get their dispute  settled,” said the source.