The NFL has nothing on WILL SMITH when it comes to brain concussions!

With NFL related brain damage lawsuits on the rise it’s no wonder that Will Smith is ready to tackle the problem head on.

Will is set to ink a deal to star in as yet untitled flick based  GQ article “Game Brain” with Peter Landesman (“Parkland”) in the director’s seat – showbiz bible Variety reported.

The “smashed brain” piece was penned by Jeanne Marie Laskas and follows Dr. Bennet Omalu, who will be played by Smith, the forensic neuropathologist who first revealed the discovery of CTE in a pro footballer.

The producers are ballyhooing the yarn as a whistle-blower tale ala “The Insider” dramatizing the debilitating damage done to pro athletes in hard impact sports — and the big moneyed interests that grip the reality professional sports.

A new spate of brain concussion flicks are on the rise as well and one wonders if the “punchy” boxing moving is also on the verge of a comeback.