MATT LAUER the object of HATE from “The Today Show” staffers in wake of ongoing ANN CURRY debacle says insider.

The AM crew is now in seething turmoil of hate thanks of the morning show host having pushed NBC executives to the wall to dump Ann Curry as his co-anchor.

"There are several producers that have been with the TODAY Show for a very long time, over ten years, and Matt Lauer is now hated by them because they feel that he is responsible for Ann Curry's being fired.

“Ann was tremendously popular with the producers, cameramen, and other staffers of the show because she truly is a team player. Ann was all about the news, and breaking stories, just a true pro," a source told RadarOnline.com.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously, despite huge efforts by TODAY show producers, Good Morning America continues to nip at their heels in the ratings war, and staffers of the embattled Today are grumbling that they feel it was a mistake to replace Curry with Savannah Guthrie.

"Ann had been part of the TODAY show for over 15 years, and her send off was just horribly executed. It's not lost on anyone that GMA beat the TODAY show on Wednesday in the ratings yet again. Viewers have had enough and the show just isn't staying relevant. Morale is extremely low and something is going to need to change very quickly before they can get the TODAY show back in first place for good," an insider had said.

During Thursday's show even Al Roker took a dig.

"The ladies threw you in the water after winning the gold?" Lauer asked Olympic rowing team member and California-native, Mary Whipple.

"The tradition here in New York is you throw her in the Hudson River." Roker cheekily quipped: "Which is different to our tradition here which is to throw one of us under the bus! But that's a different story…"