Why Priscilla Dumped Boy Toy

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Priscilla Presley dropped a hunky British radio host like a hot potato when he began asking too many questions about her late ex- husband Elvis and not enough about her, a source says.

Toby Anstis, 43, fell head over heels for The King’s soon-to-be 69-year-old ex-wife after meeting her backstage at a London theater where she was appearing in the play “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

And the feeling was apparently mutual. “Priscilla thought Toby was charming,” revealed a source. “And she loved his sense of humor and the muscular body he’s developed from working out five times a week and lifting weights.

“For the next month, they went out to local hotspots, and they threw back tequila shots and danced the night away at the trendy Buddha Bar.

“Toby says Priscilla even invited him to visit her in the states, where she promised to give him a personal tour of Graceland.”

But the May/December romance fizzled out because Toby spent too much time asking Priscilla questions about Elvis, according to the source.

“Toby is a huge Elvis fan, and he wanted to know all about him,” explained the source. When Priscilla returned to America, Toby couldn’t wait for them to reunite. But he says his calls went unanswered and she didn’t respond to his texts.

“A friend told him Priscilla complained that he talked too much about Elvis and didn’t seem as interested in her,” said the source. “He disputed that but is now dating a British reality show star.

Still, he wishes he could see Priscilla again. This time he admits he’d pry more into her personal life and ask fewer questions about her late ex