First Lady Michelle Obama has had enough of talk show titan Oprah Winfrey!
 "Oprah marched into the White House with Gayle King in tow like she owned it," an insider told The ENQUIRER when the chatty twosome arrived for an interview with Michelle.

"(Oprah) believes she played a major role in getting President Obama elected and expects to be treated like royalty when she calls on them.

"But Michelle had other ideas. She appreciates that Oprah endorsed her husband, but considers her role minor in getting him elected."

Michelle, 44, is still annoyed by the way Oprah flirted with her husband Barack during the presidential campaign, says the insider.

"She knew they weren’t having an affair, but it was as though Oprah wanted people to wonder," continued the insider. "Michelle wouldn’t mind if Oprah went back to doing her show and left the Obamas alone forever."

The trouble began as soon as Oprah set foot in the White House to do an interview for O magazine. When she went to greet Michelle with a kiss on the cheek, Michelle stepped back and extended her hand, says the insider.

Then, when the interview began, Michelle focused her attention on 54-year-old Gayle.

"Oprah felt completely left out of the conversation. And it was obvious that was how Michelle intended for her to feel."

 "By the end of the interview, Oprah was seething!"
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