CHER’s rampage against MITT ROMNEY and his wife ANN hits new heights as cold war EXPLODES — and NOW the GOP presidential candidate’s wife has jumped to his defense!

After the final presidential de­bate, Cher unleashed a vicious torrent of Internet tweets blast­ing Mitt as an evil, lying idiot!

The 66-year-old Oscar winner fumed that it would be “almost impossible” for Obama to de­bate a “liar” who “changes his mind…at the drop of a hat!”

She also slammed Romney as a heartless cheat, and her ram­bling Twitter message went on to knock the former Mas­sachusetts governor as a “complete idiot.”

Her Twitter conclusion? “Some men r just evil!”

And that got Mitt’s wife Ann “in a fury,” say sources.

“Ann felt that Cher crossed the line when she called her beloved Mitt such horrible things,” said a source close to the 63-year-old mother of five.

“She believes it was a low blow, and that Cher’s a coward for hiding behind her Twitter ac­count to take pot shots at her husband!”

Cher started hammering Rom­ney before the Oct. 22 debate even began, tweeting that she was “praying” for President Barack Obama.

And her nasty tirade wasn’t the first time the outspoken showbiz icon has attacked the Republi­can nominee.

Before her recent rants, Cher thumped Romney and his “Right Wing racist homophobic wom­en-hating tea-bagger masters.”

The source said: “Ann’s at­titude is that she’d like to see  Cher say those things to her face.”

And Ann’s got an ally in Donald Trump.

The Donald responded to Cher’s tweets, calling her a “loser” and adding: “She’s lonely, she’s unhappy and she’s very miserable.”