BILL CLINTON doesn’t want to be ANYWHERE near his son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky.

The former president just gave him the cold shoulder by not inviting him on a sun-loving Hamptons’ family getaway OR on a recent star-studded trip to Africa for one of Bill’s passionate causes, raising awareness of that conti­nent’s rampant poverty.

In late August, the Clintons rented an $11 million estate in the tony town of Sagaponack, N.Y. They invited family and friends to stay with them at the lavish mansion, which boasts six bedrooms, a heated pool and a private path to the beach – but they DIDN’T invite Marc!

Reports said Chelsea Clinton was a no-show because she was finishing her dissertation in Oxford, England, and that Marc was “working on a business deal” in Manhattan. But insiders tell The ENQUIRER he was deliberately left out!

Among family guests at the palatial estate were Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham and Bill’s hell-raising brother, Roger Clinton, who’s had several run-ins with the law and a history of drug abuse.

“That’s a real put-down to Marc,” said a source. “Bill can’t stand Chelsea’s hubby!”

Just a few weeks earlier, the 35-year-old invest­ment banker was excluded from a press-filled humanitarian trip to Africa. Chelsea went but Marc was left behind “stewing” in New York, a pal said, while Bill buddied up to brainy Hollywood star Jesse Eisenberg, actress Dakota Fanning and Brook­lyn Nets basketball hoopster Brook Lopez.

“Chelsea is heartbroken by her dad’s continued slights,” the friend continued. “Truth is Bill has nev­er warmed to Marc. He’d rather be around a brainy guy like Eisenberg (who played Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in ‘The Social Network’).”

Another Clinton family insider revealed that Bill’s had it out for Marc ever since he quit his Wall Street job just six months after he married Chelsea in 2010 – so he could “sort his head out.” He lived the life of a ski bum for a while in Wyoming and left Bill’s baby girl to fend for herself in New York.

“Running out on Chelsea while they were still newlyweds left Bill fuming,” said the source.

The recent snubs are the latest in a long string of slights against Marc, whose dad, former Democrat­ic congressman Ed Mezvinsky, served five years in prison on federal bank, wire and mail fraud charges.

In 2011, Marc was seated behind the rest of the family at Bill’s 65th birthday celebration in L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl. He later told pals he felt like a “second-class citizen,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

The situation has left Chelsea, 33, feel­ing helpless and confused.

“She remembers the great relation­ship her dad had with her former college boyfriend, Ian Klaus,” said the friend.

“Ian is everything Bill thinks Marc isn’t – a whip-smart Rhodes Scholar with lots of interests.

“Plus, Ian has a friendly and outgoing personality, something Marc lacks. Bill finds him a bit of a bore.”

While Marc has gotten used to Bill’s cold shoulder, the latest rebuffs sting, adds the source.

“It’s one thing to not be particularly buddy-buddy with your father-in-law, but to be frozen out repeat­edly has to be devastating.”