Whitney’s Nephew & Bobbi Kristina’s Hubby In Wild Party Brouhaha

Whitney’s Nephew & Bobbi Kristina’s Hubby In Wild Party Brouhaha thumbnail

WHITNEY HOUSTON’s newlywed daughter, Bobbi Kristina, took her feisty husband to a family party – and he got the stuffing beat out of him!

Bobbi – who just turned 21 and inherited $2 million, the first 10 percent of her mother’s $20 million fortune – married Nick Gordon in early January against the advice of her entire family. And when Bobbi – called Krissi by pals – recently attended a Sweet 16 party with Nick, the bash turned into a brawl!

“Nick was beat up by Krissi’s cousin, Gary Michael Houston, because he came to the party wearing a hoodie and a cap – looking like a thug,” explained a family friend.

“Everyone knew there was a formal dress code, and Gary approached Nick and asked him why he was being so disrespectful. Nick said because he wanted to and told Gary – and the rest of the family – to stay out of his face.

“That’s when it hit the fan!”

Gary reportedly slammed Nick to the floor and punched him before Nick even knew what hit him. In the end, Nick meekly walked away.

“Nick is always arrogant because he feels he ‘won’ the fight for Krissi against her family, and now he’s enjoying the money Whitney left for Krissi when she died in 2012,” said the family friend.

Krissi, who butted heads with certain relatives in the past, now wants to get closer to them, but some are clinging to the hope “she finally gets some sense and kicks Nick to the curb.”