War hungry DAVE HESTER accuses execs of faking STORAGE WARS in a court of law. SEE LEGAL DOCS  

After 52 episodes of faking scenes, the executives in charge of A&E’s hit reality showStorage Wars created a new scheme even after cast members expressed concerns, according to an explosive new lawsuit.

Dave Hester, one of the best-known personalities from the show that features bidding on abandoned storage lockers, is suing A&E and the show’s production company, alleging he was fired after complaining to execs that the show was rigged RadarOnline.com reported

The suit, filed by attorney Mary “The Litigator” Singer, offers specific and explosive detailed allegations about how the show is faked.

In season one, “Defendants requested that Hester provide valuable items that would be planted by Defendants in the storage lockers acquired by Hester,” the suit charges. Hester agreed but then complained to a co-executive producer and the show dropped its request.

But in season two, Hester complained again to the same producer as “Defendants continued to salt the storage units” of other cast members, the suit alleges.

In season three, show execs took things to a devious new level, according to the papers. Previously, when bidders won a storage locker, they placed their own lock on it. “However, in Cycle 3, Defendants insisted on using their own locks on the storage lockers portrayed in the Series…it was obvious that Defendants were continuing to salt the storage units , including those purchased by Hester,” the suit states, adding that it was done outside of Hester’s presence and without his knowledge.

But it soon became apparent what was happening, the suit says, because when Hester would examine a locker he bought, “production staff would prod him to ‘check out’ certain boxes or direct him to unload his unit in such a way that he would be certain to ‘discover’ particular items that Defendants clearly knew had been planted in the unit.”

The suit offers perhaps the most detailed charges of how a reality show is rigged, stating “A&E regularly plans valuable items or memorabilia. By way of example, in one episode a pile of old newspapers announcing the death of Elvis Presley was discovered. In another episode, a BMW mini care was found buried under a pile of trash.”

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