Martha Stewart didn’t have to rent a costume to be seen as a witch on Halloween!

An East Haven, Conn., mother says she once brought her 3-year-old daughter trick-or-treating at Martha’s spacious home in Westport, Conn., and had to hustle her away after the TV hostess treated the child worse than an SEC investigator!

“I really wanted to go back and kick Martha’s door in, but I couldn’t, because Patricia was so upset,” the mother, Cher Savage, told The ENQUIRER.

Savage said she decided to bring her daughter to Martha’s house for trick-or-treating after hearing Martha announce on her TV show, “Today, I am baking goodies for all my little Halloween goblins who come to my house in Westport.”

She showed up at Stewart’s house on Turkey Hill Road South to find the walkway lined with pumpkins and gourds.

“We rang the bell and Martha came to the door,” Savage recalled. “She had clenched fists. She looked at my daughter and stared. She frowned. And then, she poured water over a kettle of dry ice that emitted smoke in my daughter’s face!

“Patricia didn’t know what to do. She started howling. She screamed, ‘Fire! Mommy, Fire!’ She was crying.

“And then, most outrageous of all, without saying a word Martha went back inside and closed the door, leaving us on the front steps.

“Patricia didn’t even get her treat!”

Savage said she rushed her sobbing daughter away from there, and had to console her during the drive home.

The next year when other residents on the block left baskets of candy on the porch for the children, Savage said, Martha had a sign on the door that read, “We are not participating in Halloween this year.”

“Martha showed us the evil spirit of Halloween,” said Savage.