Combustible ROSIE O’ DONNELL goes berserk, say sources, in ‘100 megaton bomb’ mood swing EXPLOSION!


ROSIE O’DONNELL reamed out her fian­cee Michelle Rounds after Michelle secretly sought advice on how to deal with Rosie’s wild mood swings from Rosie’s ex, Kelli Carpenter, say sources.

The blustery talks show vet veteran split from Kelli in 2007 after 10 years together. They were married for three years and share custody of their four children, but sources say the two women aren’t close.

“Michelle innocently went to Kelli because she’s tired of Rosie’s mood swings,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “She figured Kelli knows Rosie better than anyone, and could help her out.”

But when Rosie got wind of their chat, she exploded, said the source.

“Rosie made it clear that if Michelle thinks they have a problem, she needs to address her directly,” revealed the friend. “She gave Michelle a tongue-lashing, and now they’re feuding.”

Rosie, 50, met corporate headhunter Michelle, 41, last summer in New York City. In December, the bombastic star announced they were engaged and planned to have children.

But it’s been a challenging en­gagement. After years off the air, Rosie landed a talk show on the Oprah Winfrey Network last Octo­ber and moved Michelle to Chicago, where the show was taped. But the show was axed after just five months.

Now the two are back in New York, and some wonder whether they’ll ever tie the knot.

“Rosie can be dominating, and Michelle is still searching out her place in the relationship,” said the source. “And if Rosie has her way, Michelle won’t be getting any help from Kelli with that.”