‘Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Barney Judge is hiding a secret shame that would make a juicy storyline for the show!

The National ENQUIRER has learned that Tamra’s future daughter- in-law, 31-year-old Sarah Rodriguez, has allegedly made attempts at suicide and that her father was a convicted felon!

“This woman has a lot of skeletons in her closet,” said a source. “Tamra would be mortified if she knew all the gritty details, and her TV co-stars would love to know all about them!” the source added.

According to court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, Sarah’s father, convicted felon Dennis Rodriguez, was arrested for embezzlement, burglary and theft of a firearm in December 2012.

Rodriguez, 53, committed suicide in 2013 – after shooting another man and leaving him for dead! Court documents also reveal that in 2010 Sarah filed for a restraining order against the father of her youngest daughter, Alejandro Bou chez, after he tried to push her out of a moving vehicle. Bouchez claimed in the documents that Sarah was “periodically volatile and suicidal” and that she was hospitalized “on at least one or two occasions for attempted suicide.” Meanwhile, Tamra, 46, has battled similar demons.

As The ENQUI RER reported last July, Tamra revealed that in her 20s she tried to kill herself by overdosing on prescription meds. “My mom found me,” said Tamra. “They admitted me into a mental hospital.” Tamra’s oldest son, Ryan Vieth, is engaged to Sarah, a mom of three who co-owns a gun shop in Roseville, Calif.

“It’s positively eerie how many similarities there are between Tamra and Sarah,” said the source.

“They’ve both led tumultuous lives, and Sarah’s secrets would make a scandalous episode of the ‘RealHousewives of Orange County’!”