GENNETTE CORDOVA, the college student at the center of Congressman ANTHONY WEINER’s Twitter sex-scandal has a ‘bad-girl’ past!

 RadarOnline.com reported Cordova, 21, has publicly defended married Weiner after a photo of a man’s bulging crotch, clad in grey briefs, appeared on Weiner’s official Twitter page, seemingly addressed to Cordova.

The controversy continues to grow (pun intended) as Cordova and Weiner clam they are victims of pranksters who hacked  the Congressman’s Twitter account.

In the past, the Washington State College student was busted for under-age drinking.

Cordova appeared before Judge Linda Portnoy at Lake Forest Park Municipal Court in Washington on September 15, 2008.

“She was found guilty to a charge of a minor in possession of alcohol which is drinking under the age of 21,” a court official divulged.

Taking to her Twitter account, Corodva vented her frustration: “All of the people retweeting the link about the other ‘young luscious girls’ being followed by AW on Twitter, you should be ashamed.”

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Weinergate Student Busted For Under Age Drinking