One of the women of Wisteria Lane will be desperate no more! But if you’re hoping Teri Hatcher‘s character Susan or Nicollette Sheridan‘s Edie will be walking down the aisle, think again. The National Enquirer can reveal that Susan’s mom is to wed!

Lesley Ann Warren‘s character Sophie will exchange vows with Morty, a recurring character played by comic legend Bob Newhart.

But after the nuptials, Susan will hit a patch of bad luck. She not only loses her book agent but ends up needing to take a job as a lounge singer. The upside is that the new plotline will allow Teri to show off her pipes.

“She’s been practicing her singing in small venues around Los Angeles, and she’ll have a chance to show it off,” said the insider.

Despite some bad reviews from critics, Desperate Housewives is still TV’s second-most-popular show after CSI: Crime Scene. But some fans complain that the show has sacrificed frothy comedy for horror — and, worse, that the housewives are rarely involved in the same plotlines.

Said an insider: “The core audience wants laughter and sex, but [creator and writer Marc] Cherry is intent on making it dark. Audiences love the comic relief of Teri falling into the bushes, and Eva mowing the lawn in a formal gown. But now one plot centers on a possible murderer locked in Alfre Woodard‘s basement.”

Even co-star Marcia Cross thinks the housewives need to reconnect on screen to restore the show’s charm.

“It would be nice if we start spending a little more time together,” Cross said.