MARK’s “know it all” attitude about burgers and babes charbroils DONNIE’s ire and now they’re ready to go “Cain & Abel” on each other!

MARK and Donnie Wahlberg are touting the success of their family-run hamburger joint on their new A&E reality series “Wahlburgers,” but sources say they really want to make mincemeat of each other.

Macho movie star Mark, 42, and “Blue Bloods” star Donnie, 44, are backing the business out of love for their huge family. But “when they’re not on camera, they’re on the verge of pummeling each other over everything from expansion plans to their choice in women,” revealed an insider.

As The ENQUIRER reported last August, devout Catholic Mark doesn’t approve of Donnie’s romance with red-hot former “Playboy” playmate Jenny McCarthy.

To make matters worse, Mark blew a gasket when Donnie, a New Kids on the Block alum, told him his sexy girlfriend would be appearing on their show.

“And when Mark learned that Donnie had the chef (their brother Paul) name a burger after Jenny, he was outraged,” revealed the insider. The differences don’t stop there. Mark relishes the idea of quickly expanding the business from its original site in Hingham, Mass., throughout the U.S., Europe and even the Mideast.

“But Donnie sides with Paul about expanding slowly – a new Wahlburgers in Boston and another in the near future in Toronto,” said the insider.

So far the show has all the right ingredients. It premiered on A&E in January, attracting an impressive 3.3 million viewers, including nearly 2 million in the key 18-49 age group. But watch for future fireworks. Said the source: “Mark insists he knows what’s best for the family."