Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross have gone from “Desperate Housewives” to bitter enemies, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Marcia is fed up because she thinks that Teri has been acting like a prima donna since she took home the Golden Globe Award two months ago, said a source close to the show.

She’s angry at Teri, who plays klutzy divorced mom Susan, for showing up late for tapings and trying to direct the other actors and offer advice during their scenes, adds the insider.

Marcia’s also livid that Teri refused to join her and their co-stars — Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman and Nicollette Sheridan — in asking for a group raise, according to the source, who claims that Teri opted instead to negotiate more money for herself as the show’s biggest star.

“Teri has become unbearable,” said the source.

But Marcia, who plays the fastidious Bree, is not shy about letting Teri know exactly how she feels.

“When Oprah Winfrey came out to film a 10- minute short episode written especially for her by the show’s creator Marc Cherry, Marcia struck back,” said a set insider.

“Teri is often late, so Marcia took her sweet time getting to the set. When she arrived almost a half hour late, she casually yelled to all who could hear — ‘Sorry guys, I was pulling a Teri.’

“Teri turned red with embarrassment.

“And when Teri offered acting advice, Marcia stopped her abruptly by saying, ‘Thanks, Ter, but I think I’ll go with the director’s notes.’

“Teri was stunned.”

However, an insider says that the biggest sore spot between the two stars is Teri’s decision to go it alone instead of uniting with the other four female leads as they renegotiate their contracts.

Each actress earns between $47,000 and $74,000 per show, with Nicollette making the least and Teri making the most, said the source.

Now that the show is a smash hit, network execs and producers know they have to offer a sizable salary hike. They’ve tried to keep the cast happy in the meantime by giving them new trailers and $50,000 bonuses, added the insider.

According to the insider, Nicollette Sheridan has openly complained, the rest of the cast has remained mum so far about money.

“They say they’ll let their attorney do the talking for them,” said the insider.

The plan was for the women to negotiate their salaries as a group the way the cast of “Friends” did, said the source.

They’d get one attorney to represent them and they’d each ask for a quarter of a million dollars an episode, but settle for $200,000.

“Marcia, Felicity, Eva and Nicollette have all discussed it and this is what they wanted to do. But Teri basically blew them off,” said the source.

“She feels the situation is more like ‘Seinfeld’ than ‘Friends’ — where she is the star and the rest of the cast can fend for themselves.

“She’s made it clear to them she wants big bucks, far more than anyone else.”

If the rest of the cast gets $200,000 an episode, sources say Teri wants at least $100,000 more — plus a piece of the syndication.

“Marcia told a pal, ‘Teri’s only in it for herself.'”

Although Marcia has been Teri’s most vocal critic, the other co-stars feel much the same, said the insider.

“Teri didn’t even attend Eva’s 30th birthday bash at a friend’s Encino home.

“Marcia told a friend: ‘Teri wants star treatment, but the rest of us see right through her!’ “