WANTED, WALL-E $ thumbnail

Disney’s Pixar endearing space toon Wall-E and Universal’s Angelina Jolie actioner Wanted killed the competition this weekend, teaming up to snare a combined $100 mill plus.

Wall-E mesmerized moviegoers grassing an estimated $62.5 into the numero uno slot while Wanted blasted past expectations with its high voltage shoot- em-up, nabbing $51.1 mil.

The G-rated Wall-E and R-Rated Wanted pretty much split the market demographics between family friendly kids cartoon and teen male ultra violent vid game cartoon.

"We knew `WALL-E’ would be huge, but it’s not the same audience as `Wanted, ‘" said Universal’s
distrb head Nikki Rocco.

Get Smart, Kung Fu Panda and The Incredible Hulk rounded out the top three.