Hollywood superstar Pat Boone takes a break from shooting an exclusive video interview with the ENQUIRER to catch up with all the latest in his fave newspaper.
ENQUIRER entertainment editor Dorothy Cascerceri interviewed the American icon yesterday high above Central Park on the occasion of his 75th Birthday and the release of his new book Questions About God and the launch of www.patboone.com.  (All Pat — all the time!)
We’ll be presenting Pat’s personal message of hope to ENQUIRER readers and wait til you hear what he has to say about Elvis Presley, faith and being the first teen American Idol.
Plus – the secrets behind his 55 year marriage to his high school sweetheart AND the night he woke up to find two star-struck teen hotties in his bedroom!
Stay tuned for this exclusive one-on-one interview with PAT BOONE – COMING SOON!

In the meantime to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of one of Pat’s greatest hits!