AS his gay sex scandal con­tinues to unravel, JOHN TRAVOLTA flew his wife KELLY PRESTON to Hawaii for a romantic getaway to repair his damaged marriage, but it was a total disaster.

Instead of reconciling, the two had a blowout fight that insiders are call­ing their “nastiest screaming match ever!”

“It could break them up for good,” said a close source.

“Kelly packed her bags and was ready to leave, but John convinced her to stay and present a united face to the public by leaving the island with him.”

According to insiders, the 49-year-old actress remains “embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief ” by recent lawsuits filed by two male masseurs that accuse her husband of sexual battery. Although Travolta’s attorneys vehemently denied the claims, several more men have since come forward with similar accusations.

And Kelly was further devastated after The ENQUIRER revealed that a male pilot, who worked for Travolta, carried on a six-year sexual affair with the “Saturday Night Fever” star in the early ’80s and was planning to write a steamy tell-all book. In our June 18 issue, our world exclusive broke the news that pilot Doug Gotterba already had two writers “lined up” for the project.

But despite the scandal and the deepening cracks in his marriage, John, 58, hoped that he and Kelly could reconnect during a trip to Ha­waii in mid-June. They stayed with friends at a private home in Kauai, but things didn’t go as planned – and a source says Kelly exploded in a fit of rage soon after they landed.

“She boiled over and ripped into him” after our disclosure about John’s long-term sexual affair with his pilot lover, the source said. “She lashed out at Travolta and is wonder­ing what’s next.”

Although the couple had been un­dergoing marriage counseling to deal with their issues surrounding the shocking sex scandal, “the reports about the affair with the pilot put her over the top,” the source continued. “She told him she was packing her bags and leaving, but he begged her to leave with him instead to make onlookers think they were a happy couple. She reluctantly agreed.”

In fact, the only time during the entire trip that John and Kelly were spotted together was at the airport on June 14, when they were getting ready to leave Hawaii.

“John tried his best to get Kelly to go out with him during their stay,” said an eyewitness. “He was seen on the tennis courts without her. And when she was spotted, shopping for fruit and food, she wasn’t with him.

“The strain of the recent weeks was on her face – and onlookers were stunned to see her suddenly start to weep at one point.”