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Dick Cheney and Nancy Reagan felled as W. curse strikes!

Despite being invited to the opening of Oliver Stone‘s new flick W. about President George W. Bush neither Republican Candidates John McCain nor Sarah Palin attended the star studded gala red carpet event at the Ziegfeld Theatre Wednesday night in New York.

Yet both were in town. J-Mac was prepping for his debate with ‘Bam while Palin was at a fundraiser.

The very next day former First Lady Nancy Reagan was hospitalized with a broken pelvic bone and Vice President Dick Cheney discovered he had abnormal heart rhythm during a routine visit to his doctor, receiving an electric shock before returning home.

Political pundits are also blaming Tiny Fey‘s uncanny impersonation of the GOP VP Candidate as the reason for Sarah Palin‘s perceived dip in popularity.

Coincidence or not? Fact or fiction? Myth or fallacy?

Thankfully The ENQUIRER was at the W. premiere to discover the truth and wait ’til you see what Richard (Dick Cheney) Dreyfuss pulls when we caught him on camera in our exclusive red carpet video coming soon!