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Shooting In Virginia: Congressman Steve Scalise Wounded

Assailant reportedly targeted GOP baseball-team practice!

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James Hodgkinson, the alleged gunman in the early morning attack on GOP congressmen and staffers at a baseball practice Wednesday, died from wounds incurred at the scene, according to Alexandria, Virginia police officials.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and four other people injured in the attack are expected to survive. Also wounded in the shooting were Rep. Roger Williams (R-Tx), two Capitol Police officers — who returned fire at the gunman — and a congressional aide.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Al.) told CNN that the as-yet unnamed assailant fired from the field’s dugout and that he was a white male, although he cautioned that he only  “saw him for a second or two.”

Witnesses said the gunman used a semiautomatic rifle in the initial minutes of the assault, fired 50-60 shots at “different people” as they scattered on the field, and switched to a handgun before he was shot and subdued by police and Congressional security officials on the scene.

The annual Congressional Baseball Game, a tradition dating back to 1909, is scheduled to take place Thursday, June 15 at Nationals Park. Senate and House members of each party wear uniforms of their home-state teams.

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