Vince Vaughn has begged Jennifer Aniston to relocate with him to Chicago — and friends say she’s seriously considering the move.

Following her break-up from Brad Pitt, the two grew extremely close while filming the romantic comedy The Break-Up together in Chicago this summer. And, according to those close to Aniston, she not only got the hots for funny-guy Vaughn, she fell for the Windy City as well.

After visiting Chicago to catch the final performance of his Wild West Comedy Show on October 11, Aniston, 36, gave the clearest indication yet of her feelings. In full view on the balcony of her hotel suite, she was spotted passionately embracing Vaughn, 35.

“She climbed into his lap, straddled his body and gave him a long, deep kiss,” said a source. “They truly looked and acted like a couple in love. Vince was thrilled Jen came to see him — he took it as proof she wanted to move forward together.

That’s when he popped the big question about moving to Chicago. Jen has been mulling over the idea and it is becoming more and more appealing.

“A huge lifestyle change is what she needs right now. She’s so over L.A. Everywhere she looks she’s reminded of her years with Brad — and that’s a downer.”

Vaughn, who grew up in the Chicago suburb Lake Forest, recently sold his L.A. pad. And now he is said to be anxious to put his wild bachelor days behind him and settle down.