Rosie O’Donnell, who announced Friday she would not return to The View after an on-air fight with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, says “I haven’t spoken to her, and I probably won’t, and I think it’s just as well. I wrote her an e-mail, and she wrote me back, and there you have it.”

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Hasselbeck said she and O’Donnell “we were in communication a lot.” She added, “This weekend gave us the opportunity to tackle our most important hot topic yet, and that is the power of forgiveness. And I believe we’ve started that process that enables us to move in a very positive way, so I am very happy about that.”

Barbara Walters kicked off Tuesday’s episode of The View with kind words for Rosie O’Donnell despite her early departure. “I will always be grateful to her,” Walters said, adding that Rosie was not fired and is welcome back anytime.

On her video blog, O’Donnell said, “I was really just like a foster kid for a year. I came, you know, we considered adoption, but I didn’t really fit into the family and now it’s time for the foster kid to go back home.” Rosie also said the use of a split-screen during her argument with Elisabeth played a large role in her decision to leave three weeks ahead scheduled departure.

O’Donnell also used her Web site to clarify rumors that her friend and head writer, Janette Barber, drew a mustache on a photo of Hasselbeck. “It was only one photo, people, and it was a magazine cut-out. It was a cute little joke on the way out.”