While Britney Spears continues to receive treatment at UCLA Medical Center, her parents headed to court in a bid to gain control of her medical care.

Brit’s dad, Jaime Spears, was granted temporary conservatorship over his daughter in an emergency court hearing Friday. Jaime, with Brit’s mom Lynne by his side, asked the court to to create a conservatorship (which is similar to a guardianship) so they may make medical decisions on behalf of Britney and control her finances.

The judge also issued a restraining order during the hearing against an unnamed person. That person is Brit’s “manager” Sam Lufti, a court rep confirmed. Lufti has been bad-mouthing the singer’s parents since Britney’s hospitalization.

TMZ reports that Britney has been classified as Gravely Disabled, or “G.D.” The label means a person is unable to provide for his or her own basic personal needs for food, clothing or shelter and could be a candidate for involuntary commitment. http://www.tmz.com/category/britney-spears/