Anna Nicole Smith‘s body was flown from Florida to the Bahamas for a funeral service and burial on Friday. The former model was laid to rest in a tiara and pink beaded gown.  Anna’s casket was draped in a pink, beaded cloth and was wheeled into the Mount Horeb Baptist Church for the service. The church’s pews are decorated with pink roses, Anna’s favorite color. Country singer Joe Nichols sang two of Anna’s favorite ballads.

The service was not without drama though. While Anna Nicole’s coffin was brought into a church in the Bahamas, Anna’s mom Virgie Arthur tried to stop the funeral. A Bahamian judge heard arguments from Virgie’s attorneys after she filed a petition to stop the funeral before Anna is buried. That petition was denied.

Once all parties were assembled in church,  Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur spoke lovingly about Anna. Howard, however, also used the opportunity to express anger towards Virgie. Stern made reference to Anna’s "so-called family members" (and reportedly looked directly at Virgie Arthur) and said anyone who caused a delay in her burial was disrespectful. Stern also vowed to protect Anna’s baby, Dannielynn. His supporters applauded him as he exited the podium inside the church.

Larry Birkhead told MSNBC’s Rita Cosby he was surprised by Stern’s speech. "I didn’t know what he was going to say. We were all given an equal amount of time and that’s how he chose to use his time." Birkhead didn’t comment on whether he felt it was the right time or place for what some considered inappropriate remarks from Stern.

After the ceremony, a 20-minute graveside service followed with 30 attendees. Anna was then laid to rest beside her son Daniel, who passed away in September.