SIR IAN MCKELLEN became so upset on new “Hobbit” flick he actually wept aloud, “This is NOT why I became an actor!”  

The master thespian reprising his role as Gandalf, the evidently never-aging magician from Tolkien-Land ™, became so frustrated using green screen techniques and photo stand-ins instead of actors he had an on-set meltdown.

McKellen told ContactMusic, “In order to shoot the dwarves and a large Gandalf, we couldn’t be in the same set.

“All I had for company was 13 photographs of the dwarves on top of stands with little lights – whoever’s talking flashes up.

“Pretending you’re with 13 other people when you’re on your own, it stretches your technical ability to the absolute limits. I cried, actually. I cried.

“Then I said out loud, ‘This is NOT why I became an actor’. Unfortunately the microphone was on and the whole studio heard.”

Peter Jackson who turned the lengthy fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings into three butt numb-a-thon flicks is in the process of overseeing “The Hobbit” a slim novella prequel to LOTR as  –you guessed it — three butt-numb-a-thon flicks.

We feel your pain, Sir Ian.