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Denise Richards new show It’s Complicated is supposed to be of the reality variety.  Truthful? Nah.

Denise claims to be no hubby snatcher, claiming she and Heather Locklear weren’t pals before she gobbled up Heather’s estranged ex Richie Sambora and that her coupling only ensued after the Sambora-Locklear split.

"Heather has phone records that prove Denise was calling Richie while Heather was still married to him," a Locklear pal confided to The NY Post.

"For Denise to claim that not only did she not initiate contact with Richie but that she and Heather weren’t friends for three months before she took up with him, well, that’s just absurd and an outright lie."

Locklear’s handlers didn’t respond to the detailed e-mail queries from The Post.