Lancôme, the cosmetics mega-firm, is going to court against Uma Thurman who claims the makeup titans used her likeness after contract expiration.

Court papers state that Uma, the Kill Bill star, is complaining her image and name have been used on a series of Asian websites and Canadian billboards.

The two litigants signed a contract April 2000 with the cosmetics firm paying Uma $5.8 million for two years and then another $3.1 mil per year if her contract option was used.

Lancôme’s papers say the terms of the contract free the company of any responsibility past expiration date.

Bertram Fields, Uma’s lawyer, was shocked by Lancôme’s actions.  "I guess the French decided to strike a pre-emptive blow."

As for Lancôme’s assertions Uma was used only on Asian sites and prroducts but "Lancôme’s own Web site carried her likeness."

The very next day Uma fired back with a $5 million suit against the firm.

The case will go to a jury. 

Let’s hope the blonde fury doesn’t bring her Hattori Hanzo sword to chambers.