Uma Thruman, star of the Kill Bill films, confronted her alleged stalker, as she took the stand to testify in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The visibly shaken actress did not make eye contact with mental patient Jack Jordan who sat slumped with his head bowed.

While shooting the film My Super- Ex-Girl Friend in SoHo Jordan attempted to gain access to her trailer who was denied access by Uma’s strong-armed assistant who delivered his "love letter" to the superstar.

The uber-creepy picture was of of an open grave and a man perched on a razor’s edge. Scrawled on the card were the chilling words. "My hands should be on your body at all times."

Uma testified she was terrified and panicked when she saw the card.

"I was completely freaked out!"

The alleged stalker, Jordan, whom the defense maintains is schizophrenic AND bi-polar, faces up to one year imprisonment if convicted.

Prosecutors provided evidence that Jordan’s campaign lasted over a two year period and involved harassing family members as well. 

The case is expected to go to the jury tomorrow.