I DOs nearly turned to NO NOs for NENE’s nutsy nups!

A MISSING prenup and a family feud nearly derailed “Real House­wives of Atlanta” diva NENE LEAKES’ second-time-around wedding!

NeNe, 45, and ex-hubby Gregg Leakes, 58, argued until min­utes before the lavish June 22 ceremony that’s set to air on her upcoming Bravo spinoff, “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding,” sources say.

“When NeNe agreed to marry Gregg, she insisted that he sign a prenup, and he agreed,” a family friend revealed.

“But Gregg kept putting it off because he hoped NeNe would get so caught up in planning their over-the-top ceremony that she’d either forget about the prenup or just let it go.”

When the couple FIRST WED in 1997, NeNe was a stripper and Gregg was the family breadwin­ner. They divorced in 2011 but re­mained friendly. Gregg proposed last New Year’s Eve, and NeNe – who’s now worth about $4.5 million, while Gregg has faced financial problems – accepted.

Wedding guests had already gathered when NeNe exploded at Gregg over the unsigned prenup, said the source.

“Gregg vowed to NeNe that he’d never take her money,” said the source. “But NeNe yelled back that if Gregg thought she wouldn’t call the whole thing off and take her butt home, then he didn’t know her at all!

“They went back and forth for about 45 minutes, until Gregg signed the papers. But their guests never had a clue the ceremony had come so close to being called off.”

NeNe also refused to send a wedding invitation to her sister Kenya Sherman after a feud between the two exploded on the series’ reunion show earlier this year.

“Producers were considering bringing Kenya and NeNe’s other sister on the show to clear up the feud,” said the source.

“But NeNe said she’d walk if they did, so producers imme­diately nixed the idea.”