Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is turning into America the Beautiful!

When the slightly chunky actress arrived at a recent benefit, she was the talk of the gathering. She’d dropped at least 15 pounds and looked gorgeous, marveled observers.

“She’s always been pretty, but dropping the weight is making her a standout!” a source told The ENQUIRER.

When the 23-year-old star — who plays Betty Suarez on the ABC hit — showed up at the Hollywood benefit Aug. 18, “people were amazed at how great she looked,” said the source.

But there was no secret behind her dramatic weight loss — she simply exercised and ate healthy.

“America didn’t set out to lose weight,” the source said.

“But in the past year, she’s been feeling so good about herself that she stopped turning to food out of boredom or for comfort.

“She’s been eating more fruit and vegetables, and has been making an effort to be more active.”

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