PREGNANT Kim Kar­dashian has piled on so much weight that medi­cal experts warn she may be putting herself and her baby at high risk for killer diabetes.

Sources say the 5-foot-2 reality star has packed more than 100 pounds onto her normally 119-pound frame. Physicians note that if she has gained that much weight, it’s FOUR TIMES more than what is recom­mended for pregnant women – and she’s still got three months to go!

But incredibly, the defiant 32-year-old won’t even listen to her baby daddy Kanye West, who’s pleading with her to curb her gargantuan ap­petite, the sources add.

The estimated 220-pound brunette, who’s expecting in July, complains it’s “bully­ish to call a pregnant woman fat,” but alarmed physicians, informed of her case, vehemently disagree.

“YOU can't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything you want,” New York-based weight-loss expert Dr. Craig Title, told The ENQUIRER. “The risks of excessive weight gain during pregnancy include hypertension, gestational (Type 2) diabetes, an overweight baby and possible de­livery complications.”

Dr. Gabe Mirkin, an Orlando, Fla., retired pe­diatrician, cautioned that women who gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy are nearly twice as likely to have a very heavy baby – which could spell dire consequences for both the moth­er and her newborn.

“Most women who have babies weighing more than nine pounds are already diabetic or will become diabetic in the future,” said Dr. Mir­kin. “And overweight newborns are at high risk for being obese adults and developing diabetes later on.” But such dire news hasn’t stopped Kim from stuffing herself with fried chicken, waffles, buttermilk biscuits, mashed potatoes, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, cheese-slathered french fries and other high-calorie food, say sources.

When photographers swarmed her at a Mexi­can restaurant recently, Kim initially drove off. But she returned soon after with a bodyguard and pigged out on fat-loaded chalupas, burritos and chimichangas.

Kim says she’s eating for two and will worry about her weight gain after the delivery, revealed a family insider.

But experts, who have not treated the star, warn she cannot afford to wait and that she could suffer from a wide variety of deadly prob­lems in addition to diabetes.

“She could be putting herself at risk for tox­emia, a potentially fatal condition characterized by high blood pressure and swelling,” leading Los Angeles obstetrician Dr. Arthur Wisot told The ENQUIRER.

“For a single baby, we recommend a weight gain of between 25 and 30 pounds. At the rate she’s gaining, I’m afraid her next reality show may be ‘The Biggest Loser!’”

And that’s not all! Excessive weight gain can also cause delivery complications, says nutritionist Tara Gidus, TV’s “Diet Diva” and author of “Pregnancy Cooking & Nutrition for Dummies.”

“Extra weight gain increases the risk of need­ing a Caesarean section, and it is more difficult to take the weight off after delivery.”

Kanye has reportedly begged Kim to rein in her appetite. But his pleas have apparently fallen on deaf ears, even though friends say he’s also turned off by her preposterous poundage.

“Kim’s family is hoping and praying she gives birth to a healthy baby,” said the insider, “and that there are no medical problems because of her excessive eating.”