Two Mr. Bills were at  Esquire Magazine’s 75th anniversary blowout – Murray and Clinton

Bill Murray not only hid in the VIP section during Esquire’s 75th Anniversary Party with Ford Flex at Gotham Hall among the likes of former President Bill Clinton, he must have also been hiding some pheromones in that big tote bag of his.
Though he showed up to the party alone, he left with an attractive "lady friend."  Evidently nothing was Lost In Translation for Bill.
John Slattery, who plays a hot shot advertising honcho in Mad Men, was there as well to oversee the partnering of Esquire with the Ford Flex to create the first ever digital print magazine cover and advertisement.
Was it a dubious achievement or simply ironic that Slattery was there as Esquire began ushering in a new advertising age?
"I really need to pee," Slattery coyly deferred to his bladder.
"I’ve had to pee since before Clinton’s speech."
Yup, Slattery was definitely going for a Dubious Achievement Award.

(AP Photo/Ford Flex/Stuart Ramson).