Shocking new twist — the mother of missing BABY LISA Irwin, DEBORAH BRADLEY – has been accused of being a cold-hearted temptress who at­tempted to seduce the husband of a former friend.

An in-depth ENQUIRER in­vestigation ripped the lid off the shock­ing charges surrounding the 25-year-old mom, who projects herself in interviews as a distraught mother shattered by the disappearance of her 11-month-old daughter.

We spoke to neighbors who knew Deborah in 2003 when she was the wife of soldier Sean Bradley at Fort Bragg, N.C. – and they say she deliberately planned to bed the husband of another Army wife.

“Deborah was supposed to be my friend, but she tried to se­duce my husband,” Sara Evarts, 29, of Clearwater, Fla., told The ENQUIRER.

Sara, who lived across the street from Deborah at Fort Bragg, re­called how the now-heavyset mom was a slender, buxom brunette and considered the most beautiful of the soldiers’ wives.

One evening, Sara said, while she was at work, Deborah went over to her home to “borrow something,” from her then-husband Jason and made no attempt to leave.

“When my husband asked her to go be­cause he was ready to go to bed, she joked, ‘Oh, I’ll join you,’ and started taking off her blouse!” Sara recalled. “My husband made her leave.

“I came home late that night, and Jason was sitting in the dark, and he said, ‘We need to talk.’

“He told me that after Debbie made her move, he told her, ‘This isn’t funny,’ and showed her out the door.”

Even more alarming, another Army wife and neighbor, Shirley Pfaff, said that Deborah bragged to her that she had planned to seduce Jason.

“She said, ‘I’m going to get her husband, just to hurt Sara,’ ” Shirley told The ENQUIRER.

When we contacted Jason, who’s now divorced from Sara, he re­called the incident and said that he “wasn’t about to allow anything to happen” with Deborah.

Sara said that she told other Army wives about the seduction attempt and recalled how Deborah “pulled up in her car, block­ing my driveway, and said, ‘I would never try to sleep with your husband. He’s ugly. I could do much bet­ter.’

“Once she fix­ated on me, it wasn’t funny. Believe me, she is not the woman you’re seeing on TV. There are some dark sides to her. In my opinion, she enjoyed messing up people’s lives, just for fun. She was a major troublemaker.”

Deborah has given contradictory statements about the disappearance of little Lisa on Oct. 4, from the Kan­sas City home she shares with her fiance Jeremy Irwin, 29.

But her attor­ney denies she had any involvement in Lisa’s disappearance and that the family continues to cling to the hope that the baby is alive and in the hands of an abductor.