One of the first twins to grace a Playboy pictorial and the co-star of Hammer’s TWINS OF EVIL MADELINE COLLINSON gone at 62.

The sad news was first reported by the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society.

Madeleine Collinson was born in Malta in 1952 along with her twin sister Mary.

Brit glamor photog Harriosn Marks cast the eager-to-bare duo in his short 8mm “Hafway Inn”.

They were selected as Playboy magazine’s “Playmate of the Month” —  becoming the first identical twin centerfolds in October 1970.

Both sisters went on to acting careers, mostly in B-movies most notably Hammer’s horror flick “Twins of Evil” (1971) with the erstwhile Peter Cushing and “The Love Machine” with John Phillip Law.

In "Twins .."during Hammer Film's lurid lesbian vampire phase, orphaned twins Frieda and Maria (Mary and Madeleine Collinson) are taken in by their witch-hunter uncle Gustav (Peter Cushing) in the village of Karstein, whose Count inadvertently resurrects a vampire ancestress," The Film Society of Lincoln Center noted.

Madeleine  later married a British RAF officer and raised three children in Malta.

Our Disappearing Planet, an eco-charity site of which the Collinson twins were supporters stated “we are sorry to have to let you know that our friend and supporter Madeline Collinson has passed away. Our love and deepest sympathy goes to her twin sister Mary.” 

Fangs for the memories.