Edie Adams has joined hubby TV icon Ernie Kovacs in the here-after.

Adams, 81, died in a LA Hospital from cancer and pneumonia.

Edie who won a Tony for her portrayal of hillbilly hottie Daisy Mae in the Broadway production of Lil’ Abner was best known as the sexy spokesperson for Muriel Cigars cooing in TV pitches, "Why don’t you pick one up and smoke it sometime?"  

Adams was the ideal straight woman to innovative comic genius Ernie Kovacs zany antics.  The couple wed in 1954 and stayed together until Ernie’s tragic death in a car accident in 1962.  He left her with a mountain of debt.

Despite offers from Milton Berle, Dean Martin, Jack Lemmon and other stars for financial aid, Edie turned them down, saying, "I can take care of my own children."

That she did.  The Juilliard Graduate also kept the Kovacs legacy alive by buying the rights to his old shows and releasing them on video and DVD. 

Somewhere, someplace – The Nairobi Trio has become a quartet.

, Edie.