Rachael Ray has secretly undergone her SECOND throat surgery in three months to remove potentially cancerous growths in her throat, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The 41-year-old star had an operation to remove a growth from her vocal cord in July, and she needed an additional surgical procedure in early October, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

"Rachael seems like she is finally out of the woods," a family source divulged. "But the medical nightmare ended up going on for longer than she wanted it to."

Rachael started having more throat trouble in August, a month after her first procedure, say insiders.

"A new growth was discovered on her vocal cord. Despite it being smaller than the growth she previously had removed, her doctors were worried enough that they told her she needed to undergo surgery again," said the source.

"With the support of  hubby John Cusimano and her mother Elsa, Rachael had it done in New York.

"Anytime you go through something like this, you have cancer fears. But she bravely put it out of her mind, went through with the surgery and then went down to Florida to rest for a couple days at a pal’s house."

The ENQUIRER has previously reported that Rachael underwent surgery at a New York medical facility on July 7 to remove a growth that had been discovered some months earlier.

Although Rachael’s rep said the growth was determined to be "benign" by her doctor, medical experts said there was a definite risk of cancer.

"At the time of that first surgery in July, she was told she may require radiation therapy to kill any possible cancer cells," said the source.

"Then, a month later, the new growth was discovered, and she needed to have it removed."

Rachael has said in the past that she’s battled voice problems since childhood, and her issues go back to bouts of croup as a kid.

"Rachael believes the nightmare is FINALLY over," the source divulged.