Paris Hilton‘s future mother-in-law has told her son to dump her — because she’s disgusted by the hotel heiress’ raunchy porn tape.

As our photos show, Hilton and fiancé Paris Latsis were very much in love when they frolicked on the Greek island of Mykonos late last month. But when Greek magazines printed scenes from the hardcore DVD — dubbed One Night in Paris — billionairess Mariana Latsis placed an emergency call to her son.

She told him: “Our reputation is being dragged through the dirt by this woman. You are making us a laughing stock. For the sake of our honor, you must never marry her. Get rid of her now!”

Said a family source: “The impact of the sex session between Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon can’t be underestimated. As one of Greece’s leading business families, the Latsis clan believe their reputation is invaluable.

“Mariana was disgusted and couldn’t believe her son was associating with a young woman with such a bad image. Many couldn’t believe she had not previously heard about the tape but she is a conservative woman who is of a highbrow nature. She’s above this kind of thing but when the magazines printed the full show, there was no escape from the reality of the situation.

“Mariana believes her son has gotten mixed up with a young woman of few morals. Greeks are generally more conservative about sexual matters and believe women should still show modesty and restraint — two things Paris Hilton has never experienced.”