Tormented Tori Breaks Down!

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TORI SPELLING broke down in public while struggling with the humiliating aftermath of her husband Dean McDer­mott’s recent cheating scandal – but she’s found support in her longtime pal Jennie Garth.

Jennie, 41, and Tori, 40, became close more than 20 years ago when they starred together on the hit FOX show “Beverly Hills, 90210.” But the friend­ship has grown even stronger in recent months as the two film “Mystery Girls,” a pilot for the ABC Family channel. The project has been a god­send for Tori, who has been leaning on Jennie for support ever since it was re­vealed that Dean, 47, allegedly had sex with 28-year-old Em­ily Goodhand in Toronto in early December.

“Tori and Jennie have been hanging out every day,” said an insider. “And when they’re not together on set, Tori is always on the phone with Jennie, seeking tips on single par­enting and asking for advice about how to save her mar­riage.”

Tori and Dean wed in 2006 and have four young kids to­gether. Not long after the cheating scandal broke, the two were pho­tographed leaving a Los Angeles rehab facility, Grand View House, which treats alcohol and drug ad­diction. It’s also associated with a facility for psychological problems including depression and bipolar disorder.

Jennie has been counsel­ing her pal not to make any rash decisions about getting divorced, says the source. The former “Dancing with the Stars” semifinal­ist knows what it’s like to have a marriage fall apart as she and “Twilight” actor Peter Facinelli – who have three daughters together – divorced last year amid cheating rumors.

“Jennie suggested to Tori that she stand by Dean’s side while he’s in therapy,” said the insider. “She also suggested intensive couples’ counseling. Ultimately, Peter wanted out of his and Jennie’s marriage, but Jennie told Tori that she would have forgiven him if Peter had decided to stick it out.

“Jennie is urging Tori to give Dean six months to clean up his act.”

On Feb. 7, Tori tweeted a photo of her and Jennie and announced that the two were out promot­ing “Mystery Girls.” While she’s been trying to put on a brave face for the public, the stress of her marital crisis appears to be taking a toll on her.

“Tori broke down in front of her house while talking to a friend the other day,” the insider added. “She’s going through hell right now try­ing to put the pieces of her marriage and life back together.

“She’s leaning on Jennie and oth­er friends for support.”