BAD-BOY rocker Tommy Lee has fallen for Prince’s ex-princess Mayte Garcia — and the two are already making beautiful music together.

Tommy is producing dancer-singer Mayte’s new album in Los Angeles, and the stunning new twosome stepped out as a couple for the first time at MTV’s recent 20th anniversary bash.

“Ever since he started working with Mayte, Tommy has forgotten all about his ex-wife Pamela Anderson,” a friend disclosed.

“Tommy was fuming after his friend Kid Rock stabbed him in the back by stealing Pamela away just as she and Tommy were ready to reconcile. Tommy wanted to kick Kid Rock’s butt at first.

“Then came that horrible incident with the little boy drowning at Tommy’s house. Tommy was in a deep depression, and the only way he could beat the blues was to immerse himself into his music.

“While he was working on a new album for his group Methods of Mayhem, he decided to produce Mayte’s album.

“Within a few weeks of working with Prince’s ex-wife, Tommy had fallen head over heels for her.

“Mayte really throws herself into her music — when she’s singing, she’s also dancing and gyrating like mad — and Tommy couldn’t get enough of the 27-year-old’s sexy moves.

“Tommy’s found a woman who looks as good on his arm as Pamela — and he couldn’t be happier.”