Heck hath no fury like steamed up Suri parental units Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  The superstar couple’s superstar lawyers have slammed a Hollywood baby boutique for blabbing to a gossip mag.

The Cruises unleashed their legal eagles on Petit Trésor, a high-end tot furniture store after Life & Style Magazine published details of their extravagant  purchases for scientolo bottle swilling offspring, Suri.

The mag reported the megawatt couple dropped $40,000 for their daughter over the past two years.

Lawyer Aaron Moss alleged the tot shop owner Samantha Winch and staff leaked bogus items to the press and demanded a cease-and-desist.

"Not only does this statement violate our clients’ confidentiality, but it is simply false," Aaron Moss threatened in a letter to store owners last week in a prelude to a Cruise force majeure.

"Accordingly, we hereby request that you no longer use our clients as part of your public relations and marketing efforts."

Since Tom and Katie began dropping coinage there, Petit Trésor has become the in spot for celeb baby bumpers including J Lo, Halle ("I’m still not engaged") Berry, newly wed Jessica Alba and  teen age pregnancy poster child, Jamie Lynn Spears.