Tom Cruise has flipped for his sexy new co-star Rebecca Ferguson – who’s the mirror image of his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman!

Sources say the movie hunk, 52, is flirting non-stop with the stunning 30-year-old Swedish actress while filming “Mission: Impossible 5” in Vienna.

“Tom keeps saying how Rebecca’s just like a young Nicole, but even more beautiful,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER.

Rebecca caught Cruise’s eye last year when she appeared nude in “The White Queen,” a raunchy period drama on Starz, insiders say.

“She looked just like Nicole with her pale complexion and tousled reddish-blonde hair,” said a source.

“Even her sex scene was just like one Nicole did years ago.”

Cruise personally selected Rebecca to play his love interest in the film – which happens to be the same tactic that he used to snag second-wife Nicole 25 years ago!

Back in 1989, Cruise noticed then-unknown Aussie beauty Nicole in a topless love scene in the thriller “Dead Calm,” and immediately approached her to co-star with him in “Days of Thunder.”

“Rebecca was a surprise choice,” admitted a Cruise pal. “There were better known actresses in line for the role, but Tom said he thought she’d be perfect.”

According to sources on the set, Cruise was right on target.

“There’s been a real spark between them, and Tom’s been giving Rebecca his full attention,” one source told The 

“He’s showing her the ropes, and even fetching her drinks. He’s like a love-struck teen.”

“Hercules” star Rebecca, whose mother is English, is a distant relative of Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

She’s a single mom with a seven-year-old son, and at 5-foot-7, she’s the same height as her latest leading man.

The set source added: “It’s early days, but Tom clearly likes Rebecca…a lot!”