Inside the manipulative attempts to recruit TOM CRUISE’s then GF, PENELOPE CRUZ, to sign up with XENU.

The underling who helped the Church of Scientology create its’ iron grip on Tom Cruise has detailed how Cruise’s Vanilla Sky co-star, and ex-girlfriend, Penelope Cruz was audited by Scientology during the pair’s three-year relationship., RadarOnline reported.

Mark “Marty” Rathbun, who was Inspector General of the Church, spoke out in a new UK documentary that aired in Britain “Scientologists at War”, detailing how Church leader David Miscavige had him personally work on a hush-hush project in the ’90s — to help the Hollywood mega-star.

The former high-ranking church member revealed how the controversial religious organization showered its’ top gun poster child Cruise with their services and staff to help him overcome his divorce from “Eyes Wide Shut” divorce from Nicole Kidman,and then in traduce him to Cruz.

“Cruise started making some noises about getting some help [from the Church of Scientology, and] Miscavige had me drop me everything,” Rathbun told the Channel 4 expose, which provided a rare insider view of the controversial religion from those who have renounced their membership.

According to Rathbun, Cruise “became number one priority” and he soon found himself catering to the Top Gun star’s every emotional need — providing the best Scientology could offer.

“I helped him on his divorce from Nicole and then I was auditing him and I was helping him get Penelope auditing,” recounted the former top lieutenant. “I was helping him in all aspects of his life.”

Scientologists claim the process of auditing clears negative influences in order to heighten spiritual awareness and access untapped potential.

Everything was designed to obligate Cruise the Church and its’ head honcho Miscavige

“Once Miscaviage was able to hobnob with Cruise again, he was done with me,” Rathbun said.

Cruise and Cruz split in 2004 after a mere three years together.