Today show star Ann Curry has been blasted by her New York City neighbors for allegedly exposing them to potentially deadly health problems.

Irate residents next door to the NBC news anchor’s $2.9 million townhouse say their lives are in danger by the Curry’s refurbishment project.

Angry neighbor Lynne Lummel told The National Enquirer she and her husband John Lee have lived for 16 months in a “dangerous and toxic” home environment. The couple, who have a 13-year-old son, pinned the blame on Curry and her software executive husband Brian Wilson.

Lynne said she “had experienced an inexcusable number of life-threatening accidents,”including bricks and debris falling through her home’s skylight, the collapse of fourstory scaffolding and illegal entry into her home by Curry’s workers.

And fellow neighbor Vic Cooke, 75, told The National Enquirer: “It’s a miracle that someone hasn’t been killed.”

Lynne said that multiple violations are on file with the city Department of Buildings and Department of Environmental Protection. She and her husband now intend to ask a court to ban Curry’s workmen from gaining access to their property.

She said: “We feel we are dealing with inconsiderate and irresponsible people with a lot of money who believe their power and importance outweighs the wellbeing of those around them.”

A request for comment from Ann Curry was not answered.