A boat dubbed "The TITANIC II" sank on it’s maiden voyage, THE ENQUIRER has learned.

UK media reports that a 16-foot cabin cruiser dubbed the Titanic II “heart did not go on” but  went the way of her illustrious namesake Sunday, when she promptly sprung a leak and sank on her maiden voyage.

As he clung to the sinking boat, Britishern Mark Wilkinson, 44, had to be rescued from the harbor at West Bay, Dorset in England.

“If it wasn’t for the harbormaster, I would have gone down with the Titanic,” Wilkinson said.

 “It’s all a bit embarrassing – I’m fed up with people asking me if I hit an iceberg.”

Wilkinson bought the used second hand boat, named it Titanic II and fancied a bit of fishing.

 On his return to the harbor, a large hole tore in the vessel’s fiberglass hull, prompting the terse and embarrassing SOS.

The “unsinkable” Titanic ocean liner hit an iceberg in 1912 on its maiden voyage to New York; 1,517 lives were lost.

Lesson to be learned: don’t call your boat The Titanic nor name your computer HAL.